just my theory but i think countries that were imperialized wouldve reached industrialism and modernization on their own time in the natural progression of their culture and TBH it probably wouldnt be CAPITALIST industry without white ppl getting involved

TBH i think if i worked in politics id work in human rights organizations in the UN

im going to bed !!!!! night night !!!!!!! i love you all ^___^ xoxo

my tear ducts have been so itchy recently !!!!!!! dangarang

in the book a pipe in the house burst and they have to replace a bunch of wall panels and tiles and the entire plumbing in the house !!!!!!!!!! this is rly rly rly bad and i idk if i can read the book for a while.

i just had a chocolate donut (not like a place donut with half of it w/ chocolate, i mean like the dough is chocolate and its glazed) and it was THE BEST

kai i dont remember…………..


this chapter is MESSY


you suck my pussy for fun, not profit

“He said I got the job because I sucked your pussy.” She let out a short laugh. “I suppose I shouldn’t have been angry, since it’s the truth.” She rolled her seat back and let out a sigh. “It takes a lot out of you to be in a fistfight.”
Nic reached over and stroked her leg tenderly. “You suck my pussy for fun, not profit. Believe me, it would have been easier all around to keep him as the winemaker and have you for a lover.”




is that some tumblr social justice bullshit


danm social justice warriors ….

i got this :o

i got this :o

is that some tumblr social justice bullshit