im gonna borrow someone elses printer to print out my campaign posters o:

rose has risen !!!!!!

im gonna go to bed !!!! im gonna see if i can squeeze a trip to target in inbetween my two classes tomorrow o: i really need to buy printer ink, ESPECIALLY if i wanna print out this poster a few times. night night everyone !!!! i love you !!! ^___^ xoxo thanks 4 the advice hillary !!!

http://cabbage.co.vu/post/98204275312/i-need-some-advice-so-i-have-my-blogs-url-in-my give me advice !!!! im mostly concerned about my parents finding my blog tbh

i need some advice. so i have my blogs url in my like facebook profile info stuff and i want it there so that friends that dont wanna ask if i have a tumblr can find my tumblr easily and connect w/ me through there but also i dont want strangers or even worse friends and family finding my blog. like you dont have to be friends w/ me to see that part of my profile :-/ should i take it off ?

this person named olivia who sat near me in TSEM added me on facebook recently and we started talking and within 10 minutes i convinced them to try out buddhism and i promised them a lecture in the future

do you ever just regret funyons

and as I’ve mentioned in my critically acclaimed book, Buddhism in World of Warcraft, I’m of the opinion that


Applying rose hand cream and drinking musty water

so my floor is doing silly like mock elections (because our building complex has an actual building council and we did actual elections recently) and im gonna campaign for Chief Positivity Officer and my campaign advertisement thing is just gonna be a picture of a blue sky and a few wisps of clouds and its gonna say “A breath of fresh air – Rose Wysham (for Chief Positivity Officer)”



i feel like one of the biggest corporate tragedies that has the possibility of happening in the near future is wikipedia going bankrupt and being bought out by someone like amazon or something

well andi one example is the idea that needing attention in relationship is manipulative. i dont have any other concrete examples right now, i could compile a list over the course of a week or so because they (the examples) just pass thru my dash and my mindstream and add to that bad vibe i talked about in the post